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To Chief Steve McCullough Lakota name (Red Bear) For the coming year 2017. We the Chasing Horse family and extended relatives send this letter for support and in honor of 45+ years we have known Steve. He knew the parents of Joseph & Winifred Chasing Horse as well as many elders chief and medicine men among the Lokota, helping them in many ways in return, them in trusting him with sacred items and in-structional teachings. Steve was among the first in the 1960's 70's of revival and exercise of Indigenous ceremonies, even in a time it was outlawed by the US government, 1978 Indian Religious Freedom Act. He continues that guest by recently representing along with many other sons and daughters, grandchildren, the tiyospia, the protest against the pipeline in Standing Rock. Our best wishes continuing support prayers and thoughts our with Steve through out this coming year 2017.

Chief Joseph Chasing Horse Family extended relative's.

Letter from Lakota GodFrey Chips, Oglala Sioux Medicine Man on behalf of Chief Steve McCullough. May 11, 1998.


Award presented to Chief Steve McCullough as being the most influential spiritual leader in the state of Indiana presented by First Nations @ Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana.

Letter of support from Nathan Chasing Horse (Steve's Nephew) member of the Rose Bud Sioux Tribe. Some may know Nathan from the movie Dances with Wolfs as the charater Smiles alot.

Lakota medicine man Nathan Chasing horse


Letter written by Lakota Chief Phil Crazy Bull. Rosebud, South Dakota recognition of Steve McCullough as a Lakota medicine man.

Chief Phil Crazy Bull Lakota Rosebud

Written by President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe John Yellow Bird Steele om behalf of Chief Steve McCullough

oglala Sioux tribe

American Indian movement membership card issued to Steve McCullough 1972. Signed by Dennis Banks.
And Native American Church of South Dakota Rose Bud reservation issued by Chief Phil Crazy Bull.

Native american church membership card

Chief Steve McCullough American Indian Movement Card sigend By Dennis Banks. And Native American Church of Indiana Affillated with the Native American church of South Dakota Rosebud reservation signed by Chief Phil Crazy Bull.


White Buffalo Calf naming ceremony Chief Steve McCullough


Letter of acknowledgement making of a relative from Joseph Chasing Horse member of the Rose Bud Sioux Tribe.

Letter of acknowledgement making of a relative from Joseph Chasing Horse member of the Rose Bud Sioux Tribe.

Letter written on behlaf of Chief Steve McCullough from Chief leonard Crow Dog of the Lakota Nation
Written and signed by Chief Leonard Crow Dog his wife and family members.


Letter on Behalf of Chief Steve McCullough from Professer Dan Creely

Chief Steve McCullough Dan Creely

Cheif Steve McCullough - Iktomi Sha: Setting the record straight!

          Over the years many people have said some very disparaging things about me. I believe this may have come from jealousy or simply accepted misinformation. For what it’s worth, here is the truth—my truth—about my life and who I am today.
As a teen on the Rosebud Reservation (Brule Sioux) but I also spent time on Pine Ridge. I was eventually accepted within the tribe (Lakota/Dakota) and adopted into the Chasing Horse Family in 1971. I witnessed many friends die due to racist practices of law enforcement, the FBI and other governmental agencies. This inevitably led to my involvement in the American Indian Movement and the Occupation of Wounded Knee.  At that time I was an armed guard. I carried a rifle and was always on watch. I was there to protect the Elders, the AIM camp, and so on from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. I wanted to protect and help the people. I was ready to put my life on the line for these people who lost their aunts, uncles, and grandparents in the original Wounded Knee massacre. They trusted me. It was a turning point in my life. I was a militant at the time, but my life took more of a spiritual turn.
In the late mid 80’s I was in Rosebud and went to a doctoring ceremony with medicine man Robert Stead. The medicine man told me that when I went back east, I would be sharing the pipe with non-Indians. I knew no one that would be of this description—they didn’t know the ceremonies or even what a canunpa was. I went back to Indiana I saw my friend Dennis Banks on TV. I hadn’t seen him in years, so I went to see him at Slack Farm in Uniontown, KY. It looked like a warzone. Into Memorial Day weekend there was a 4 day ceremony for reburial of all the bodies whose burials had been desecrated. There were no laws against grave desecration at that time. For four years, there were native ceremonies during Memorial Day weekend. I had an inipi (sweat lodge) at my house at that time. People started to come to my home for ceremony. The medicine man who had been coming to my home asked me to share a pipe with him to bring a Sun Dance to the region. We were pushing for legislation against desecration in Indiana and the surrounding areas with John Craig (currently running for Governor)and it was eventually was passed on the state level, then eventually recognized on a Federal Level (Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990).
I received Chief Elmer Running’s medicine bundle during the early days of Salt Creek Sun Dance and took it to medicine man Earl Swift Hawk. It was he who designated me as the guardian of the bundle. My bonnet came from the Chasing Horse family (Chief Joseph Chasing Horse), and I have been recognized as a chief since medicine man Elmer Running gave me my name Iktomi Sha. Chief Leonard Crow Dog recognized me as a Chief at his Sun Dance in Paradise, SD in 2008 and gave his blessings to our Salt Creek Sun Dance (which I organized in 1992 and is the oldest sanctioned Sun Dance east of the Mississippi). He also gifted me with a Presidential Peace Medal in front of everyone and referred to me as the Chief of Chiefs east of the Mississippi. I have had the honor of adoption by not only the Chasing Horse Family, but the Bear Runner Family of Pine Ridge, Carl Broken Leg & Bernice Spotted Eagle of Wounded Knee, former logistics man and AIM activist Tom Perkins, and several others.
This is who I am. I am not fraud, plastic medicine man, new age, or any other nonsense.

And to those who would call me these things, I say, “Do your homework!


Chief Steve McCullough

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