Chief Steve McCullough Salt Creek Sundance

Chief Steve McCullough

Celebrating 26 years Join us Salt Creek Sundance 2017.

Chief Steve McCullough Sundance Chief and Spiritual leader is one of the original members of the American Indian movement. Still to this day he carries the AIM (American Indian Movement) membership card since 1972 signed by Dennis Banks.

Steve McCullough was involved in 1973 during the occupation of Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge Reservation South, Dakota for the native American rights and issues. During the occupation he was arrested in March 3rd 1973 in Wounded Knee South Dakota for his participation in standing up for native rights.
Chief Steve McCullough was awarded the Presidential peace medal by Chief Leonard Crowdog at the Paradise Sundance at Rose Bud Reservation. Steve was first acknowledged as a chief and placed a war bonnet "ceremonial headdress" on his head by the Chasing Horse family. And later also recognized before the Rose Bud Sioux tribe as a ceremony chief by Chief Leonard Crow Dog who is the most known medicine man in modern times.


Chief Steve McCullough


Chief Steve McCullough

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