Chief Steve McCullough Sundance Chief

Chief Steve McCullough - Iktomi Sha

Chief Steve McCullough with Chief Leonard Crow Dog pictured on the day Crow Dog
gave his blessings for the Salt Creek Sundance.

Steve with his Hunka famliy the Chasing Horses


Frank Fools Crow Chief Steve McCullough
Holy Man Chief Frank Fools Crow (left) with Chief Steve McCullough (Right)
Pictured at Chiefs Frank Fools Crow 100th birthday celebration.
Steve first met Frank in the 1970's, first time Steve ever took stones into a lodge was for Chief Frank Fools Crow's sweat lodge.

Chief Steve McCullough and his uncle Alferd Rattling Leaf (White River S.D.) pictured at 90 years old.
Steve's mother was married to Gilbert Rattling Leaf, Alferds brother.
A ceremonie at the Horse Creek commmiuty center in White River South Dakota we had a Hunka and naming ceremonie uncle Alferd gifted Steve with his
name "Mato Wakua - Charging Bear" The name came from uncle Alfreds great gandpa. I'm very proud and honnored to carry this name.Very special.

Cheif Steve McCullough - Iktomi Sha

Inauguration ceremony to honor Chief Iktomi Sha by 110 Columbian shamans.
Sponsored by the Columbian governor Antonio Nerio Wolf.

Chief with Salt Creek Sundance friends


Chief Steve McCullough at the Wailing Wall - West Bank of Israel


Chief Steve McCullough pictured on stage with world renowned Guru Sri Sri to do a blessing
before three and one half million people at the World Cultural Festival 2106 in New Deli India.   

World Culture Festival magazine ( Cheif Steve McCullough photo is presented in this issue)


Blessing ceremony for movie premier Down To Earth (Holland)

chief steve mccullough lakota
Helping people connect as Earth Keepers


Chief Steve McCullough Native American


Rolf Winters Steve McCullough
Chief Steve McCullough with long time friend film maker and producer Rolf Winters of "Down To Earth"

>> See Down To Earth Trailer <<



Chief Steve McCullough

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